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Is There a Market Value for An Online Degree in BBA/MBA?


Is There a Market Value for An Online Degree in BBA/MBA?

Online BBA/MBA programs are becoming more popular as the concept of e-learning gains traction. But, do these degree programs have any real-world value? In this post, we’ll find out.

Is There a Market Value for An Online Degree in BBA/MBA?

There has always been great potential for postgraduate management degrees and diplomas in India. As a result, one’s professional career can be dramatically enhanced by joining a BBA or MBA degree program. Some of the main reasons that students from different academic disciplines choose to undertake a BBA/MBA course from top business schools are high-paying placement chances, attractive salary packages, and so on. However, as the world adjusts to online learning, the emphasis has shifted to pursuing MBA and BBA courses online.

One of the primary reasons that business management courses are gaining traction in India is the skill sets they provide to students. As a result, companies can hire job-ready candidates who can begin working the day they are hired. Students also can hone their practical management skills through the exposure they receive while pursuing their courses.

However, the question frequently arises whether an online BBA or MBA degree is as valuable in the market as a traditional one. Let’s find out the facts in the subsequent sections.

What is a BBA or MBA Course Online?

BBAs and MBAs have quickly become two of the most popular courses to pursue among the various online degrees. Virtual learning of management courses is becoming increasingly popular among learners, particularly corporate learners. Online BBA/MBA programs are business management programs delivered over the internet. It is a part of the e-learning landscape in which students can complete their degree programs virtually. Online BBA/MBA programs are similar to distance learning and are excellent ways to advance your career.

In this context, it is worth noting that the UGC recognizes online BBA and MBA degrees offered by accredited academic institutions. It is one of the most practical learning options for professionals who do not want to quit their jobs to further their education.

Difference Between Regular and Online BBA/MBA Specializations

Business schools attract students from a wide range of academic backgrounds. In recent years, India has seen economic accelerations as well as a spike in its quality education. As a result, a growing number of students are choosing to undertake management studies at top b – schools. However, management schools are now available in both traditional (on-campus) and virtual formats. And there are certain distinctions between regular and online BBA/MBA specializations.

Those studying regular management programs must attend traditional classroom lectures, participate in offline workshops, and carry out projects. But those who do online management degrees can attend virtual classrooms through laptops, PCs, and smartphones from any location during any part of the day. The curriculum of both types of programs is the same. Still, the main difference is that those undertaking online BBA/MBA degree programs enjoy the flexibility of various Internet-based benefits. Some unique benefits include low course fees, online discussion forums, study materials, etc.

Does an Online Degree in BBA/MBA Have any Market Value?

We are all aware that online courses have advantages over traditional on-campus courses. The same can be said for online management programs. However, management e-learning programs are still attempting to make their position at par with the best offline business schools. As a result, many of us are left wondering if online BBA/MBA degrees have any real market value.

The reality is that if you undertake a recognized online BBA or MBA program, companies will accept it. In fact, online courses are a great way to show the companies that your respective education field as well as handling computers. Also, an online management program can enhance your CV by letting you get upskilled without going for an unwanted gap in your profession.

In a survey, it was found that more than 80% of corporate executives recognize an online degree program from an accredited institution to be on par with traditional degrees. They also consider the institution’s image and reputation the main factor of authorization worth. Similarly, the Society for Human Resource Management reports that more than 90% of companies positively perceive online management degrees from traditional universities.

Hence, to cope with the increasing popularity and acceptance of online BBA/MBA programs, the UGC published a list of 37 programs from seven Indian universities sanctioned for online delivery in 2020. These courses included a wide range of BBA and MBA specializations. However, the education ministry recently announced that Ed-Tech companies would not be able to offer degree or diploma programs, which also include postgraduate management programs. As a result, it is critical to exercise caution when selecting online management institutes and avoid those that UGC and AICTE do not centrally recognize. That said, any BBA or MBA degree obtained from Ed-Tech firms may not have genuine market value.

There are a few things that you should do if you want your online degree to get the proper market value.

  • Enroll in an accredited online BBA or MBA program
  • Never go for an institution that fails to provide their approval proofs
  • Avoid diploma mills
  • Show the potential employers the practical skills you have learned in your online degree course
  • Choose a program that offers an internship opportunity

Another thing that every management aspirant should remember is to get good grades and practical experience. These two factors are supposedly the most significant considerations every employer looks for when recruiting candidates. Aside from that, you should be able to market your online degree to potential employers. To get the most out of your education, display it in the best way possible. Remember that, in the end, how you present yourself during the interview will be the deciding factor.

Marketing an Online BBA or MBA Degree

As previously stated, marketing your online degree will be critical to your career advancement. But unfortunately, even though online BBA/MBA programs are gaining popularity, they are not yet a highly-established learning mode. So it is your responsibility to present your degree and CV in the best light possible. But don’t worry; we’ll give you a few pointers to help you along the way.

  • Make a list of your total score.
  • Highlight the tangible skills you’ve acquired, such as project management, IT fluency, and so on.
  • Highlight what you learned during your internship program.
  • Describe your hands-on experiences and how they will help you build your skills.
  • Mention any workshops in which you have participated.
  • Do not over-explain your online degree program; instead, emphasize how it is an approved course.
  • Describe how your online management degree has helped you to upskill or reskill.

The Takeaway

The bottom line is that online BBA/MBA programs are valuable in the real-world job market. They unquestionably have the market value. However, acceptance will be determined by where you pursue your degree program from. Choose a UGC and AICTE-accredited institute or university. Only then can you be certain that your hard-earned degree will be valued and recognized by prospective employers. Take your career  forward with virtual learning in BBA and MBA specializations.

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