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Online BBA Degree Course in CRM

Bachelor in Business
Administration (BBA) : CRM
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Mode of Study


Approving Body

3 Years



Standard of University

Sep 1, 2021

Batch Start Date

Bachelor in Business
Administration (BBA) : CRM

(Program being offered by a UGC Accredited University)

The word Customer Relationship Management means creating a healthy and long-lasting relationship between a company and a client. This is one of the most important goals that managers across the world want to achieve. It’s no longer just the matter of gaining a loyal customer who will systematically buy the products. It’s about maintaining good relations that will be beneficial for the company’s image, and it’s a perception of the market.

The 3 year BBA (CRM) course examines the relationship and applies it in marketing, sales, and advertising areas. CRM software is used throughout the study period. There are studies about effective CRM strategies that help companies align business processes with customer-centric strategies using people, technology, and knowledge.


  • UGC Recognized Degree
  • Weekend Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Easy Monthly Payment Facility
  • Soft Skills Training
  • No Loss of Working Hours
  • Industry Relevant Contents
  • Placement Support During the Course
  • Earn While You Learn



Course No. Course Type Course Code Course Title Course Credit
1 Language 21VBX0L101 English 4
2 CC1 21VBB0C102 Business Management 4
3 CE1 21VBB22E103 Introduction to Customer Relationship Management 4
4 CE2 21VBB22E104 Understanding Customers* 4
5 CE2 21VBB22E105 Consumer Behaviour 4
6 CE3 21VBB0G106 Quantitative Techniques For Management 4
Total Credit 24


Course No. Course Type Course Code Course Title Course Credit
7 CC2 21VBB0C201 Marketing Management 4
8 CC3 21VBB0C202 Organisation Behaviour & HRM 4
9 CE4 21VBB22E203 Services Marketing* 4
10 CE5 21VBB22E204 Sales Management* 4
11 GE2 21VBB0G205 Introduction To Business Analytics 4
12 AEC1 21VBX0A206 Communicative English 4
Total Credit 24


Course No. Course Type Course Code Course Title Course Credit
13 CC4 21VBB0C301 Managerial Economics 4
14 CE6 21VBB22E302 Strategic Customer Relationship Management 4
15 CE7 21VBB22E303 Managing Customer Life Cycle – Acquisition and Retention* 4
16 CE8 21VBB22E304 Virtual Marketing* 4
17 AEC2 21VBX0A305 Environmental Science 4
Total Credit 20


Course No. Course Type Course Code Course Title Course Credit
18 CC5 21VBB0C401 Macroeconomics 4
19 CC6 21VBB0C402 Financial Markets & Instruments 4
20 DSE1 21VBB22D403 Managing Customer Lifetime Value 4
21 DSE2 21VBB22D404 Managing Partner Relationship* 4
22 GE3 21VBB0G405 Entrepreneurship 4
Total Credit 20


Course No. Course Type Course Code Course Title Course Credit
23 DSE3 21VBB22D501 e-CRM 4
24 DSE4 21VBB22D502 Organizational Issues in Customer Relationship Management 4
25 DSE5 21VBB22D503 Developing and Managing Customer Database* 4
26 SEC1 21VBB0S504 Research Methodology 4
27 SEC2 21VBB0S505 Personal & Managerial Effectiveness 4
Total Credit 20


Course No. Course Type Course Code Course Title Course Credit
28 CC7 21VBB0C601 Operations Management 4
29 CC8 21VBB0C602 Strategic Management 4
30 DSE6 21VBB22D603 Analytical CRM* 4
31 GE4 21VBB0G604 Information Systems for Business 4
32 SEC3 21VBB0S605 Ethics & Values 4
33 SEC4 21VBB1S606 Research Project** 4
Total Credit 24

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