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Where skill education
meets employment

Degrees matter more
with experience

The WorkeED project is a platform to provide the youth of India an unique opportunity to learn an earn at the same time. Opening doors to real life work exposure, WorkED ensures that students are not restricted to theory only.

WorkED brings employment and job-skill training under the same bucket. Helping the corporate to have skilled resources who are skilled for the job purpose.

A work-enabled
diploma/degree that WORKS

WorkED provides an integrated diploma / degree as per the skill demands of the job. The unique proposition if a win-win for the candidates and the corporate. Let's see how!
  • Gets to skill their resources on-job. Thus increasing efficiency and scalability
  • Checks attrition with constant skilling and diploma/degree offering to employees
  • Creates an ecosystem of learning within the organizations
  • Fine tunes the productivity and skills up the hidden gems among the employees
  • Gets employment and career prospect with top companies
  • Able to work as per aptitude and skills
  • Learns on-job and getting exposure in real time
  • Ensure career growth with diploma/degree in his work discipline
  • Gets recognized certification and aligned skills to add weight to their C.V

2COMS Collaboration with
UGC Certified Universities

2COMS have tied up with UGC Certified Universities and education bodies. This ensures world-class curriculum and training for the corporate employees.

Professional Courses on
offer at WorkED


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