What Defines a Successful Web Developer?

What Defines a Successful Web Developer?

What Defines a Successful Web Developer?

The digital revolution has made it so easy to convert ideas and pitches into life that it is tough to imagine going back. Luckily, there is no need to go back! However, what you see on the internet results from hours and months of careful planning and top-notch execution by skilled professionals called web developers.

But, if you are reading this, you probably already know the role these super-cool professionals play in creating, maintaining, and upgrading your favorite websites and apps. So, here’s a peek into a typical learning journey for growing into a good and reliable web developer.

For a Web-Based Developer, the Learning Never Stops

A developer’s job is far from easy. Not only do they have to understand the vision of their clients, but they also have to upgrade themselves regularly with the latest technology. And, as fluid and dynamic as this industry is, technology changes faster than you could imagine!

Frameworks and developer tools that were a rage even a few years back are completely obsolete today (old is not always gold in this world). The changing cybercrime scene is a major factor that pushes developers to create more robust and secure platforms, in addition to the ever-increasing need for personalization and targeted content delivery.

For most web developers, their learning journeys continue well after graduating from college and into their working careers. So, finding the right courses to help in upskilling through high-quality web development training is the key to staying relevant. At JobsAcademy, an initiative of the esteemed 2COMS Group, we believe in staying a step ahead of others. Our Certified Web Learning Courses, powered by GoDaddy, check everything you need in a web development training program to make your career align with changing industry needs.

This blog will outline some essential personal and technical qualities that make for a good web developer. If you are one already or aspire to join this fast-paced web development industry, these points will help you measure your merit and chances for a successful career as a web-based developer. Happy reading!

How to Break into the Ever-Changing Tech-Scene Without Breaking your Confidence?

Does this sound like something your placement coordinator should have discussed before your college placements? Well, for most aspiring developers, this remains correct to the T! As per the latest numbers, there will be 28.7 million web developers by 2024! This means getting a satisfying job in this market is only going to get tougher.

What Defines a Successful Web Developer?

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/627312/worldwide-developer-population/

But this same figure also proves that there is a growing need for skilled professionals in the industry. So, the silver lining is how well you gear yourself for the future! If you have the right mindset, an unending thirst for knowledge, and a will to put in your heart and soul into the workings of the industry, it is not as challenging as it initially seemed. If upskilling is on your mind, choose from our range of industry-relevant Certified Web Development Courses at JobsAcademy and kick-start your high-paced career as a web developer.

Top Technical Skills Clients Look for in Web Developers in 2021

When it comes to a Full-Stack Developer, the number one thing clients look for is versatility. While your ability to work in different work cultures surely qualifies as versatility, your technical fluidity (how well you manage front-end and back-end development) is what matters the most. If you are someone who likes to dibble a bit of everything, empower yourself with the right courses from JobsAcademy on different aspects of Full-Stack development, and you will find yourself on the top of every recruiter’s list!

Here we have a list of some of the key technical skills that we believe hold a lot of significance when it comes to making a career as a web developer. Read on.


You must be hearing from your teachers and adults about HTML and CSS skills and how essential they are for your career, right since your middle school days. Well, they weren’t wrong in projecting. For any good Full-Stack Dev guy, it is crucial to have mastery over the backbone of this entire technology. The way a website or app looks, determines how well customers react to it. So, nailing this aspect of front-end development is a must in 2021.

What Defines a Successful Web Developer?

Source – https://brytdesigns.com/html-css-javascript-whats-the-differenc

  • JavaScript

While HTML/CSS can do only so much to how a website or software functions, it is a good grasp over JavaScript (JS) that adds complex functionalities and behaviors for a website. In 2021, knowledge of this object-based language is a must-have if you want to land a good job. But it is also important to have a sound understanding of advanced JS variants like React and Angular and not just the regular Node JS to get an edge over others.

  • Advanced JS library

When a project moves to the development stage, there is always a race against time for it to Go Live. So, as a Full-Stack Developer, it is very useful if you know at least one latest JS library to refer to the library for quick implementation. While some may think of this as a shortcut, it is certainly a life-saving skill in times of those deadly submission deadlines!

  • GitHub

Much like a JS library, an understanding of Git and GitHub will save you from getting lost in the sea of code changes that happen throughout project development. Git allows you to keep track of even the most minor changes in different versions and have a structured work plan. If you work in a team (which is usually the case), having a profile on GitHub is the first thing to do so that every member remains on the same page in terms of project status and version changes.

  • What Defines a Successful Web Developer?

  • Languages

In the world of programming languages, one is never enough. Some of the top languages every developer must know in 2021 are – PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Each of these languages has a range of benefits that you cannot work without in today’s web development scenario. A Jack of all trades, a master of some, is truly the mantra today.

Non-Negotiable Soft Skills to Give You an Edge Over Others

While it is comparatively easy to skill-up on the above skills, having one of the following soft skills is what will truly set you apart from the sea of applicants for any job. At JobsAcademy, our professional skills trainers work round the clock to help you get better at all of these so that you are 100% job-ready by the time you finish our web development course.

  • Communication Skills

The image of a developer has changed substantially over the years. They are no longer the bespectacled geeks who did not need to interact much with others, as long as their work was flawless. In today’s corporate work set-up where everyone is responsible for keeping the client happy, good presentation and communication skills are non-negotiable.

  • Customer-Centric Attitude

Design thinking is the latest rage in the corporate world today. While developers are to always think from the client’s point, the best developers think from the perspective of the end-user. So, knowledge of Design Thinking principles is also something every developer should hone.

Summing Up

The internet is a rather useful tool in today’s time. In fact, calling it useful is nothing but an understatement. It is an integral part of our lives and the very fabric of society today. The utility and impact of smartphones and other means to access the internet have quadrupled during this ongoing pandemic and are here to stay. As such, the best time to attain, scale-up, and refine your web development skills is now! So, register yourself for the web development training program at JobsAcademy today and smoothen the path to a highly fulfilling web development career ahead.