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What is it?

What is it?

This is time-bound virtual instructor-led training based on the programs from the global leaders in robotic process automation. It’s complete with easy-to-follow modules and geared towards the learning needs of every automation enthusiast.

What it does?

After successful completion of the training, participants get an opportunity to attend interviews at MNCs to pursue the available RPA job immediately. Usually, they have better chances of availing the desired job since they are trained in the exact automation skills companies are looking for.

Who is this for?

Automation aspirants will find this program highly valuable to qualify for well-paid jobs at reputed IT companies. The course is presently open for candidates with at least 1 year of experience in software development/visual basics/statistics/advanced excel.

Most Importantly, What
are the Benefits of this
Free Training?

Establish your mastery on the next generation of roles in the RPA market that according to Gartner is projected to grow at double-digit Rates through 2024 on a global level.

The RPA HTD program from JobsAcademy is designed to give existing IT professionals the exposure and opportunity they need to break away from the conventional jobs (some of which are fast becoming obsolete) and enter into highly targeted, and career-advancing roles that are here to stay. In other words, the course allows attendees to upskill in areas that are highly demanding in established organizations.

The course is mapped to certifications from global leaders in robotic process automation, namely Automation Anywhere, and UI Path. After the course, if anyone wishes to take the learning further, they can choose to join other high-end courses in the same niche, including the globally recognized certification course in RPA.

If you are looking for more challenging roles, better future opportunities and most importantly a bigger paycheck while working for multinational companies, this program is exactly what you need to take seriously.

For a limited time, JobsAcademy is offering free certificates for this extremely demanding course. Not just a certification, we also have tie-ups with popular multinational organizations. So, when the program is over, we’ll arrange for the deployment of qualified resources to these organizations.

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RPA Modules

The amazing future of RPA Jobs & expectations from this role

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2030, automation will drive between 75 and 375 million people to reskill themselves and switch occupations.

There’s a huge demand for skilled candidates in the automation field. Several companies, including MNCs that provide automation consultancies to their clients, are actively looking for resources for vacant automation roles.

The national average salary for a Rpa Developer is ₹544K in India, exceeding a maximum of ₹1,074K, according to Glassdoor. Since automation is an emerging field, the role is expected to pay higher in the future.

According to a Times of India report, 82% of respondents from India agree that college education has not equipped them with the skills they need to succeed in today’s job market and 84% find that given the pace at which technology and skills are changing, their current knowledge is becoming obsolete. Getting trained in automation from trusted sources before joining a job, equips one to get necessarily skilled in their role, and do well in the future, thereby enjoying uninterrupted career growth and successful life ahead.

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RPA Developer Training Could be Costly.
It’s Free NOW (for Short Time)

How Much a Typical RPA Developer Training Cost?

The cost of RPA developer certification depends on a number of factors, including the type of course available, the value of certification, and the type of institute chosen. Usually, it could cost anywhere between 15k to 40k or more.

But it’s FREE with Us!

We’ve made this program freely available for anyone who’s looking for better opportunities, more challenges, and career growth. Once the program is completed, successful attendees get the opportunity to join an MNC. But the free course will not be free forever. It is presently free because we are promoting this program and want it to reach as many people as it is possible.

JobsAcademy’s RPA Developer Course
is not Just Free, it’s Highly Valuable!

MNC Placement

Get a dream job you always desired. Enjoy the perks of working in a fast-paced environment in a better-paying role with more challenges and future growth opportunities

Learn from Skilled Mentors

The course is mentored by industry;es leading professionals, who’re thoroughly expert in their niche, always eager to impart value for high quality learning outcomes.

One to One Attention

Get one-to-one attention, clear all concepts, ask till you are sure. The program is meant for working professionals so the timing is set flexibly, allowing attendees to not bother about work-training conflict.

Everything is Managed

From training to deployment, we manage everything. All you need to have is a working Internet connection and eagerness to learn.

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This Course is For You If ->

  • You’re looking for a better paying job
  • You want to work in an MNC
  • You want to upskill in emerging technologies to remain an in demand professional
  • You are looking to upskill, but not looking for a paid course. Instead, wanting to join a free course that may not remain free.
  • You want to act NOW to take charge of your career

The Perks of Working in MNC

Grab new growth opportunities

Working for an MNC opens new growth opportunities, provides stability, makes you qualify for perks, and a work-life balance and best of all, you earn handsomely based on your skills.

Increase your Value on the Labour Market

Working for an MNC will increase your value on the labour market. Since automation jobs are highly in demand, this role should provide a clear carrer path to growth, and a deserving resource could reach to higher levels within an organization, even leadership roles.


RPA is good career choice. Several companies are actively looking for skilled candidates in the market but can not find enough people with needed RPA skills to fill in their vacant roles. So, training multiplies your chances to secure a good job.

MNCs are actively hiring for skilled RPA developers, preferring those already skilled in the niche technology. Our course exactly matches the need for organizations who are looking for qualified resources but rather than making them trained on the job, want already trained resources.

Our course is spread out to 20 hours of extensive training, divided by two hours everyday. So, it will take around 10 days to get trained in the necessary skills.

This course is not for everyone but open for candidates with at least 1 year of experience in software development/visual basics/statistics/advanced excel.

2hours of FREE (but quality)
Every Day Could Give You a
Job in MNC.

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